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Those RnB/Pop artists who copy (or are highly inspired)

25 Août 2013 , Rédigé par Admin Publié dans #whatever, #edm

Those RnB/Pop artists who copy (or are highly inspired)

I was watching a great movie last night, Gatsby. Great movie, great actor and great choice of music for the soundtrack.

And then in this scene below (video), i just dicovered that track from will.I.Am 'Bang Bang' and i was like "Argh No ! FAKE !"

Bang bang really good track isn't it ? But now, listen to the two tracks below: one from Sandro Silva & Quintino (start at 2m10) & the second a remix by Mike Candys (start at 3m10)

And this is not the only example. Look at the video below showing the comparaison between "Let's Go" & Rebound'' d' Arty et Mat Zo.

So what can we learn as a conclusion? It's a copy or an inspiration? I'm very dissapointed. What can you think ?

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